Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains

Blocked Drains in Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs? Call Guardian Plumbing Now, We Guarantee Our Work For 12 Months (if the drain has been inspected with our CCTV camera after cleaning).

Do you have a blocked drain spilling sewage out of the overflow pipe or is your stormwater drain not draining, or perhaps you have slow draining drains or a blocked toilet? Don’t ignore it! The longer you leave it the worse it will get!

Call us now on 1300 138 973 for a quick response to your drainage problems. With over 30 years of plumbing knowledge and experience combined with the latest equipment, we can guarantee our work will fix your problems the first time!

Who Is Guardian Plumbing?

At Guardian Plumbing, we are Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs blocked drain experts! We use state-of-the-art technology for clearing clogged up drains all across Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs. We have access to modern equipment and tools needed to clear your drains, including hydro-jetters, CCTV drain inspection cameras and electric drain clearing machines, so we have every base covered.

We can even pinpoint your trouble spots with electronic locating devices; where the alternative is digging multiple holes in your lawn or driveway trying to find where the problem is.

We Provide Quality Blocked Drain Services in Melbourne's Inner Eastern Suburbs

As experienced and well-known professionals in the industry, Guardian Plumbing is committed to providing clients value for money as well as top service. No longer will you have to put up with grease, debris, roots, sand, or dirt blocking your pipes and drains, our hydro-jetters will flush it all out and away downstream out of your drains!

It is truly amazing what a Hydro-Jetter drain clearing machine with a vibrating rotary nozzle can cut through, leaving the pipes safely intact and squeaky clean. The average plumbing company doesn’t have the technology and expertise required for tackling extremely blocked and backed up drains/sewers – this is why many Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs households rely on Guardian Plumbing.

What is a Hydro-Jetter Drain Clearing Machine?

A hydro-jetter drain clearing machine is a piece of equipment that professional plumbers use to unblock and clean drains at the same time. This machine reaches up to working pressures of 4000 to 5000psi, which is powerful enough to unblock and clean even the most stubborn drains in Melbourne’s Inner Eastern Suburbs.

We take care in using the correct sized high-pressure hose to match the hydraulic nozzles input and output parameters to maximise the unblocking and cleaning action.

Benefits Of The Hydro-Jetter Drain Clearing Machine


Jetters can clear up to 60 metres of drain from one set-up point.

Powerful procedure

Pulverizes roots and blasts them down the drain, the traditional eel drain cleaner will only bore through leaving root mass behind!

Three times faster

In the time it takes to set up and perform 1 clearing pass off the drain with the traditional eel drain cleaner, you can perform 3 passes with the jetter!

Cuts through grease

The Jetter technology penetrates and emulsifies grease

Breaks down debris

Our jetters will break up sludge and debris and ensures it is washed away. The innovative cutting heads ensure hardened scale is completely removed.

Suitable for different drain configurations

Our jetters will break up sludge and debris and ensures it is washed away. The innovative cutting heads ensure hardened scale is completely removed.

Flushes the whole system

The innovative rotating heads are designed to clean the entire diameter of the drain.

Hydro-Jetting Technology Vs Conventional Clearing Of Blocked Drains

The conventional method of clearing drains is the electric eel (the tool most plumbers use). There are places and positions where an electric eel cannot reach, but our jetter hose can access these with ease. It does the job more effectively and efficiently.

With the use of root cutting turbines, a drain cleaned by our high-pressure water jetter brings the pipe back to almost new condition. There is no scouring or leftover debris; you have a 30% cleaner drain than using the “old fashioned” eel!

Melbourne's Inner Eastern Suburbs Plumbing Experts For Drain Blockages: Guardian Plumbing Are Here To Help

Don’t wait any longer, fix your blocked toilet now! If you have a toilet problem, blockage or require a professional plumber to diagnose your problem giving you the best solution, call Guardian Plumbing on 1300 138 973.